Special Education Leadership

Special-Education-Leadership.jpgThe Leadership Initiative is a statewide effort designed to provide support to education leaders responsible to administering programs and services for students with disabilities. Special education administrators are expected to be knowledgeable about effective programming for students with disabilities, as well as special education law. 

The theme of “Achieving Balance: Managing Compliance, Leading Improvement”  ensures that programs and services conform to both federal and state regulations while also improving student results as a critical component of the work scope.



- Office Lead
- State Lead
Sielke Caparelli, Ed.D. PaTTAN - Pittsburgh
Tracy Ficca PaTTAN - East
Kimberly Jenkins PaTTAN - East
Nichole Kopco PaTTAN - Harrisburg
Jacki Lyster PaTTAN - East
Christine Moon PaTTAN - Pittsburgh
Sandy Shacklady-White PaTTAN - East
Jeffery Coover PaTTAN - Pittsburgh
Kimberly Cole PaTTAN - East
Cecil Crouch PaTTAN - Pittsburgh
Chanda Telleen PaTTAN - Harrisburg