Family Information

Supporting a child with a disability through the education process takes a team approach. As a parent, you are an essential partner in your child’s education.  There are many partners that are able to provide support, including your local school district. Additionally, the Pennsylvania Training and Technical Assistance Network (PaTTAN) offers many resources, training events, and videos to assist you in learning about specific disabilities and education initiatives.



- Office Lead
- State Lead
Judy Baker PaTTAN - Pittsburgh
Molly Black PaTTAN - East
Erin Campion PaTTAN - Harrisburg
Linda Cartwright PaTTAN - East
Jacqui DiDomenico PaTTAN - East
Amiris Dipuglia PaTTAN - Harrisburg
Patti McGowan PaTTAN - East
David Vázquez-González PaTTAN - Harrisburg